Check out what our patients are saying about their 5-star experience with us!

Harold K.
16:58 21 Sep 23
My dentist recommended Gramercy Orthodontics for invisalign. Everyone has been kind, helpful, and I'm really happy with the results so far. I kept pushing off Invisalign because I thought it'd be a hassle, but they made it super uncomplicated.
Robert J.
18:35 15 Sep 23
My experience with Gramercy Orthodontics and Dr. Berk has been excellent. Gramercy Orthodontics came recommended from my dentist and I see why! They improved my smile in the estimated time and without unexpected fees, which I am very pleased with as I was coming out of pocket for my treatment. The office and staff are very nice and everything was very convenient.
Daniel C.
16:34 22 Aug 23
I recently had the pleasure of receiving orthodontic treatment from Dr. Burke, and I am absolutely thrilled with the results. From the moment I walked into the clinic, I felt welcomed and at ease. My experience with Grammercy Orthodontics and their team was nothing short of exceptional, and I couldn't be happier with the care I received.My smile has been transformed, and the difference is truly remarkable. Dr. Burke not only achieved the desired aesthetic outcome but also ensured that my bite and jaw alignment were properly addressed. In conclusion, I absolutely recommend Grammercy Ortho to anyone seeking top-notch orthodontic care.
Gennadiy S.
23:44 03 Aug 23
Dr Burke is an excellent Orthodontist and the office is always responsive and helpful. I did a full treatment with metal braces in my late 30s. Dr Burke coordinated with my dentist and oral surgeon to get things started, walked me through everything, bore through a multi-year process with monthly appointments without additional charges, and finished everything off with an awesome set of retainers. The office is super clean and friendly, wait times are almost non-existent, lots of available appointment times to fit my schedule. I am a super satisfied patient.
Jack K.
16:22 26 Jul 23
My Invisalign experience with Dr. Barry has been phenomenal. Dr. Barry and his team have made the process as easy and straightforward as possible and they are extremely friendly and professional. Highly recommend!
Hillary W.
23:56 12 Jul 23
Great Ortho! Clean, advanced technology, kind. Highly recommend!
22:45 07 Jul 23
Visited three different orthodontists for adult braces and Dr Barry made me feel the most comfortable. He was able to offer the most uncomplicated experience and gold braces! Yup gold braces and they look so good. I’m a POC and it was important for me to have a POC orthodontist. Dr Barry’s staff are the sweetest and most helpful. Love this place🖤so happy to have found Dr Barry and crew. Also does anyone know if there is a Hot Drs of NYC List lol? If yes, please add Dr Barry.
Julie M.
13:36 01 Jul 23
I'm so happy with my teeth / results!! Dr. Barry is really good at what he does and listens intently to help you get the results. Definitely recommend
Christina C.
18:52 20 May 23
The staff are attentive, Dr. Barry is generous with his time to address any questions or concerns, and the front desk is quick to answer the phone. A pleasure receiving care here!
Liz C.
02:13 04 May 23
Love my experience at Gramercy Ortho! Dr. Barry has made my teeth SO great and every time I'm in, I'm never there longer than necessary so there's little to zero wait. I highly recommend!
Kathleen F.
14:46 14 Apr 23
5-star experience with Dr. Barry! I had some teeth spacing issues that I wanted to get fixed before my wedding and worked with Dr. Barry to get Invisalign. Dr. Barry was attentive, knowledgeable, and went above and beyond for all my needs/questions. The final result was a picture perfect smile for my wedding day and I couldn't be happier with the results 🙂 Highly recommend Dr. Barry and his entire office staff for all of your orthodontic needs.
Scott R.
16:17 24 Mar 23
Wonderful experience all around for my Invisalign treatment with Doctor Barry. He is a fantastic orthodontist - incredibly professional with great bedside manner and was always available to connect when I had an emergency or urgent request. The offices are clean and the staff is incredibly friendly and accommodating. I would (and have!) highly recommend Gramercy Orthodontics to anyone that asks, and I'm so grateful for Dr. Barry helping me fix my smile! TWO THUMBS UP!
Lauren P.
20:46 19 Mar 23
I had the best experience with Gramercy Orthodontics! Dr. Berk made my smile great with Invisalign, it was a pleasure working with him and the team. I needed teeth polishing as well, and all was seamless and painless. The administration team are also super nice and patient when scheduling my appointments. Would definitely recommend to others.
meredith S.
17:52 09 Mar 23
I got invisalign with Dr Barry and he's the best! He has appointments after work hours and the office is conveniently located. Dr Barry is detail oriented, attentive, and is very straight forward / honest with his recommendations. I recommend him all the time!
Beth F.
02:12 03 Mar 23
I'm a full grown adult who wore braces as a child, but --like too many other people -- I threw away my retainer in college and never wore it again. Decades later my teeth moved back, giving me a crooked overbite. I opted for Invisalign. Dr. Berk was recommended by my dentist. He was very clear when explaining what Invisalign entailed and how the trays must be changed each week. The scanning process to make the trays was painless and high tech. The pricing system was very transparent (my insurance paid for some of it). And the whole office was very professional. There was never any wait to see him, appointments were always on time. The toughest part was having my teeth filed a few times (ever so slightly) to make room as they moved. It wasn't painful, just a little uncomfortable and thankfully very quick. Dr Berk did a very good job. He deliberately, and wisely, never gave me an exact timeline for how long the braces would take to move my teeth. He said it could be 12-16 months, maybe longer. I followed the instructions religiously and was done with my Invisalign in just under a year. I'm so happy not to have an overbite anymore. I highly recommend this practice.
Keyu T.
03:29 24 Dec 22
I am an international student here, and I have never gone to an orthodontist in America before, but I am soooo glad that Dr. Berk did my tooth treatment. He and his team are so nice and professional. I do feel really satisfied during and after the treatment. I really recommend anyone who wants to do tooth orthodontic go to his office.
Farzona S.
17:10 23 Dec 22
Highly recommend this place, such a great office and doctor. He is a patient person who genuinely cares about his patients. Office staff is great too – very friendly and professional! I'm very happy with the results.
Aileen C.
14:08 19 Aug 22
My daughter's teeth look amazing!!! Dr. Berk and the staff at Gramercy Orthodontics were always responsive and helpful.
Meghan G.
14:25 05 Aug 22
After my teeth had moved since I had braces as a teenager, I went to Dr. Berk for Invisalign treatment. I felt very well taken care of throughout the whole process. Appointments were quick and easy, and everyone at the office is very friendly. I’m extremely happy with the results! My teeth look even better than I expected. I have recommended him to anyone I know who is considering doing Invisalign.
Erica L.
20:03 22 Jul 22
My son had a great experience with Dr Berk at Gramercy Orthodontics. My son opted for invisialign a few years ago instead of braces, despite being only 8 years old, and the results are amazing. One of my son's top teeth was coming in extremely crooked at an angle and now he has perfectly straight teeth! Dr Berk was always patient and responsive and kindly answered any and all questions that we had throughout this journey. We highly recommend Dr Berk!
Caroline M.
00:20 13 May 22
This is a very reliable Orthodondist office with great service and knowledgable staff. 10/10 would go again!
Jeff A.
12:58 28 Apr 22
Had a great experience at Gramercy Orthodontics with Dr. Berk and all the staff. Everyone is friendly, it's easy to make and schedule appointments, and overall very happy with my experience. Would definitely recommend!
Benjamin L.
21:50 06 Mar 22
Dr. Berk took very good care of both of my daughters throughout the process of getting their braces on, off, and then their retainers. He was patient and kind and made the whole experience terrific. Always available for broken brackets, explained everything to all of us clearly, and my girls looked forward to going to him (!) He was informative and answered all questions we had, was very convenient, and the price was right. My kids now have perfectly straightened teeth and are very happy with the results. We owe it to the wonderful work of Dr. Berk.
Hillary J.
19:43 17 Feb 22
I can’t thank Dr. Berk enough for accommodating me.Breaking a bracket mid-vacation is the worst, but within a few hours of reaching out I was in a chair getting the issue fixed. Before sending me out, Dr. Berk double checked that everything else was okay and that I didn’t need anything. It’s obvious that he is thorough and truly cares about his patients. These are attributes of a great orthodontist.If I lived here, there is no doubt in my mind that I would go to Dr. Berk.
C N.
22:28 14 Feb 22
This is a great place, with the great people. The office staff are always really nice and Dr. Berk consistently made the orthodontic treatment (I had braces) really smooth. Highly recommended.
Rachel L.
15:32 07 Feb 22
I was very happy with my child’s orthodontic treatment! I’ll be bringing my younger child to Gramercy Orthodontist for Invisalign’s as well.
Clara J.
19:51 20 Nov 21
My son Joaquin just got his braces off and loving the result! When it’s my daughter's turn, we’ll be back!
James C.
23:00 20 Oct 21
We had a very good experience with Dr. Barry. He is always helpful. He even saw my son in an emergency when his wire broke at the start of the pandemic. Appointments are easy to make and the office staff is very helpful.
Kristen G.
19:25 12 Oct 21
Got my Invisalign done with Dr. Barry (Elaahi) and it was truly seamless. There is never a wait, scheduling is a breeze, the office is modern and super clean and everyone is so nice! In addition, he really took the time to explain the process to me and I never felt rushed. Couldn’t have asked for a better experience.
Bonnie J.
15:44 10 Oct 21
My husband and I both went to Dr. Berk for Invisalign, for a grand total of 10 stars from our household!I price-compared Invisalign at a few different places before selecting Gramercy Orthodontics. Their quoted rate includes the whole kit and caboodle from start to finish with no annoying add-ons or unexpected extra fees.Orthodontia is never really "fun," but Dr. Berk was great throughout the whole process. He was straightforward and realistic about timelines and potential outcomes, and always receptive to making adjustments along the way to mitigate any discomforts.The whole staff is lovely, and the office is modern and always super clean.
Aimee B.
14:01 27 Sep 21
I went to Dr Jason Berk for Invisalign, to refresh and corrected previous orthodontic work that had moved over time.Having met with other ‘direct to consumer’ dental solutions for Invisalign, I had found them to have missed areas I wanted to be corrected and only be able to correct half of my needs so was not suitable for me.I was recommend Dr Jason’s office by my Dentist. The office is easily located very close to Union square with multiple transport connections, it is clean, bright and staff are friendly and helpful. They were willing and able to help with all my insurance questions and problems even as I transitioned to a new provider which made everything a breeze! Appointments were easy to arrange with weekends also available. Dr Jason friendly and helpful, he was willing to listen and answer my questions and we discussed my treatment plan along with options at each stage, so I felt like I knew what was happening and how the plan was person to me, my history and dental ‘behavior. In my initial consultation he reviewed my teeth and discussed my history and the price of treatment. The staff were also able to speak with my insurance and call me to follow up so I was then able to consider my options.Everything was super easy and my insurance covered me so I returned to the office to get x rays, have my teeth ‘scanned’ and photos taken. My treatment would take 1 year. My first 6 weeks of trays were then ordered and I returned shortly to collect them. I returned every 6 weeks for check Ups which were very quick and easy.At the 6 month stage my plan then went to ‘phase 2’ where I was scanned again and more minor tweaks planned.While the process took longer due to COVID, everything else ran very smoothly. Even during covid I was kept updated. At the end, it was recommended to get my cosmetic work done prior to getting final retainers so they fitted correctly, and I chose a fixed bottom retainer to secure my teeth.I am extremely happy with my results from Dr Jason and love my new smile. I would 💯 recommend his office to anyone.
Linda Y.
01:54 21 Sep 21
Highly recommend Dr. Berk's services - really reliable throughout my invisalign journey. He was incredibly thorough and was responsive to all of my concerns. He'll quickly pivot accordingly based on how the invisalign was affecting my teeth. I am more confident in my smile thanks to Gramercy Orthodontics!
Ryan L.
14:53 09 Sep 21
Fantastic staff, very thorough. Kids enjoyed it!
Whitt S.
20:58 23 Jun 21
Appointments were always quick and never had to wait long before Dr. Berk would see me. I went for an Invisalign treatment, and while the process got dragged a little bit by Covid (~1.5yrs), all in all it was a pretty painless experience and I am definitely satisfied with the results! Both Dr. Berk and his staff were very polite and took the proper precautions when it came to adapting to Covid protocols. Would definitely recommend!
Edward Y.
22:55 13 Jun 21
Friendly, professional, and clean office. The entire process for my Invisalign treatment went smoothly from start to finish, and I was very happy with the results!
Susan L.
17:33 13 Jun 21
Update: I was eventually contacted by Dr. Berk and he apologized for the miscommunication due to staff changes that resulted in the delay and I was able to proceed with the treatment. The office was very communicative going forward and responsive to both emails and phone calls. My case took longer than expected but I'm very satisfied with the results. The office is in a convenient location and they were able to accommodate Saturday appointments.Original review:I was referred to this clinic by my dentist regarding Invisalign treatment. The first appointment was on Feb 2nd and everything went fine and I made a initial payment for the cost of the treatment. Unfortunately, I have not heard back for almost three months as of this review despite following up numerous times via phone and emails. Either I was ignored or I'd be told that they would "look into this" for me with no further response. This is highly unprofessional from a medical service provider.Don't come here if you care about open communication and getting prompt treatment for any dental issues.
Danni G.
17:05 21 Apr 21
Just got my Invisalign treatment done (4 years in the making) and it couldn’t have gone more seamlessly! Though the process took a while, the time passed fairly quickly and was done as smoothly as possible with Dr. Elaahi. Him and the staff have always been friendly and accommodating. Couldn’t have asked for a better experience.
William K.
18:40 20 Feb 21
I went to Gramercy Orthodontics and used Invisalign to correct gaps in my front teeth. Overall I have nothing but good things to say about Dr Barry, his staff, and the overall process.Initially I was apprehensive about getting Invisalign as an adult, but after a couple weeks I realized there was nothing to worry about. My biggest fear of “people noticing” never really happened throughout the time I wore Invisalign. This was partially because Dr Barry put all of my attachments on my “back teeth” so they would not be visible when I smiled.A few months ago I finished my last set of trays, but I was a little disheartened to see that my teeth weren’t absolutely perfect. I brought this up to Barry, and without asking questions or pushing back in ANY way, he re-scanned my teeth and ordered another small set of trays FREE OF CHARGE to correct the minor deficiency.Today I am 100% satisfied with my teeth, and i’m so grateful that he was willing to help me get the smile I envisioned, without trying to fight me about additional costs.For this reason I would recommend using a professional like Dr Barry to monitor the Invisalign process over using any of the other cheaper alternatives. Instead of calling a 1(800) number and trying to explain my situation to somebody sitting in a call center, I simply texted my orthodontist and he fixed the problem, without any additional cost.Nothing but great things to say about Dr Barry overall. His prices were affordable for NY standards, and his customer service was exquisite. I would recommend him to anybody who is considering correcting their smile.
Eric B.
15:00 02 Nov 20
I highly recommend Gramercy Orthodontics! I recently completed Invisalign treatment with Dr. Berk & team and could not be happier. From the very beginning, Dr. Berk was extremely informative about the process and it truly felt like a partnership to achieve the desired results. Because of this, I had realistic expectations from day 1 and was able to stay on track. I would also like to highlight how flexible Dr. Berk and his staff were, especially in light of the pandemic. Because I had to temporarily relocate, I risked being thrown off my Invisalign schedule at the very end. But Dr. Berk went above and beyond to make sure he was available to answer questions both in-person and remote and kept me on track with my treatment. His true dedication to my orthodontic success is greatly appreciated!
Valerie M.
22:24 15 Oct 20
I highly recommend Dr. Berk! I have lived in NYC for 7+ years now and had braces growing up. I had the wire in my lower permanent retainer from childhood break off and the office was able to get me in and fixed up as a new patient the next day! Having somewhere in the city to go and fix any orthodontia issues has been such a relief. It is even better when the entire office is extremely helpful, kind, and always leave me with a better smile than when I arrived. Thank you to the Gramercy Orthodontics team and to Dr. Berk!
Ruth C.
16:47 14 Oct 20
An amaizing experience! The appointment ran on time, the staff and Doc were allso nice, friendly and very professional.100% recomended.Ruth
Vinnie B.
02:15 09 Oct 20
I have been attending Gramercy Orthodontics for approx. 12 months (currently midway through my Invisalign plan).The entire experience has been very pleasant. Dr. Barry Elaahi has been a pleasure to deal with from Day 1, continually demonstrating fantastic bedside manner and striving for perfection.I am very pleased with progress thus far. Dr. Barry & team have been incredibly professional throughout the current pandemic which has presented many new obstacles and challenges for them. Despite this, they have managed to maintain a safe and friendly environment.Huge thanks to all at Gramercy Orthodontics for everything they have done for me to date 🙂
Vishal P.
02:22 15 Sep 20
I highly recommend Dr. Elaahi & his team! He is friendly, professional, knowledgeable, and accessible (he promptly answered every question and concern I had from start to finish for my case). He does a great job of reviewing the case thoroughly and detailing every option available and discussing the pro's and con's of each approach. I felt very informed during the decision-making process for my case. The office is very clean and modern with state-of-the art equipment and is located in a very convenient area. The team is very friendly and efficient - my appointment always started on time. You will be very happy for trusting Dr. Elaahi and his team for your orthodontic needs!
Megan F.
20:43 03 Sep 20
We have appreciated the consistent care of Dr. Berk at Gramercy Orthodontics. Even during the pandemic, Dr. Berk was in touch and clear about when my daughter would be able to resume in person appointments and get her braces off. Well, they were removed today, and her teeth look amazing! Dr. Berk and the office staff are friendly and accommodating. I'm looking forward to getting my 10 year old in for her consult. 🙂 Absolutely no complaints about Gramercy Orthodontics!!
lorea R.
19:46 03 Sep 20
Gorgeous dental office. Super clean and bright and so friendly. I had braces for 2 years and went regularly. Dr. Berk did an incredible job and was always so nice and friendly. I had a few emergencies and he was always able to squeeze me in. I could not ask for a better orthodontist! He's THE BEST!!!! Super lovely and nice staff too and they were so professional and diligent with all the Covid precautions. Don't think twice...go to Dr. Berk!!!
Regina W.
16:46 24 Jul 20
I highly recommend Gramercy Orthodontics! The office was super clean and modern and the staff was very friendly and professional. Dr. Berk did a fantastic job fixing my retainer. Couldn't have asked for a better orthodontist!
Adina T.
17:42 25 Jan 20
Dr Berk was extremely patient, skilled, and knowledgable. I am very happy with his work, and the office overall was clean, friendly and easy to get to. I highly recommend Dr Berk and this practice for any orthodontic needs, they’re awesome!!
Anarghya M.
20:20 12 Dec 19
Highly recommend Dr Berk for your orthodontics needs. He was fun to talk to and very knowledgeable about his work. I went in to have a retainer done and the process was very quick.
Gian G.
23:24 02 Dec 19
Been doing invisalign with Dr. Elaahi for about 1.5 years. Excellent experience thus far. He is very professional, knowledgeable, and always available if a complication arises (I lost my invisalign like twice lol). Not to mention the staff is great! Would recommend to anyone.
Linda C.
22:34 10 Nov 19
I got my braces off yesterday! They made the process quick and easy. Couldn't have asked for a better orthodontics. The staff was always friendly and welcoming. I would highly recommend to anyone interested in a great orthodontics.
Ethan C.
20:56 09 Nov 19
Got my braces here and they felt great! The process was really easy and comfortable. If you're in this area and need braces, this is the best place to get it!
Shoumi B
14:10 01 Nov 19
Highly recommend Dr. Berk & his team. I had Invisalign done here and it was an easy, pleasant experience. Appointments were quick and informative, financing was easy, the staff always sends out nice reminders for appointments.
00:17 24 Oct 19
Highly recommend Dr. Barry Elaahi. He has spent extensive time discussing treatment options for my 9 year old daughter , is very patient, and even squeezed us in for a late evening emergency. The office is bright, the staff are always friendly, and the location is very convenient. A welcome relief after the orthodontist we were originally referred to did not discuss any options and made us feel like a number.
jane H.
23:43 17 Oct 19
If I could leave more than five stars I would!!!Gramercy Orthodontics went above and beyond; I had an orthodontic piece partially break (making daily life quite difficult), after many unsuccesful attempts to find a doctor I found Gramercy Orthodonticcs.Gramercy's staff was accomodating, helpful, and efficient. They squeezed me in that same day, and even called my insurence to try to help streamline the process as much as they could.Dr. Berk was excellent; knowledgable and genuinely concerned for the well being of his patients. He was honest about my options and the value of each option given my prestanding conditions.The only place in the city I would my friends and family to!
Zachary G.
15:31 05 Sep 19
A great office! The appointment was quick and easy. I will definitely be back!
Janine E.
17:05 10 Aug 19
Completely impressed. Doctor Berk and his staff took the time to explain everything. Their services and their hours, are worth going there. it is located in nice area. Excellent staff and nice office.suite
Carolyn P.
18:14 31 Jul 19
I can't recommend Dr. Barry Elaahi enough. He worked with me to give me the smile that I wanted with Invisalign. He always prioritized how I wanted my smile to look, and which imperfections bothered me when making his treatment plan. Dr. Barry and his staff are kind and professional, the office is lovely and clean, and the equipment is modern. My appointments were always pleasant. Most importantly, my smile is beautiful. Thank you, Dr. Barry!
Nicole M.
16:52 25 Jul 19
Had an amazing Invisalign experience with Dr. Berk. Highly recommend!!!
Aiyana F.
13:30 17 Jul 19
Currently doing my Invisalign treatment. Dr. Barry is great! He explains everything and thoroughly focuses on you and your treatment. Highly recommend!
Kacie D.
14:57 20 Jun 19
Highly recommend, office is very centrally located and clean. Easy to move appointments around and they were honest and friendly.
Mel I.
16:15 13 Jun 19
I’m getting ortho work done back home in Florida for an extensive jaw surgery/malocclusion situation, but I go to school in the city so I’m here most of the year. In the winter I broke a wire really bad, and after going to a different orthodontist in the city who couldn’t really fix it (and in the process caused me a lot of pain!) Dr. Berk fit me in super last minute, was really patient with me, and fixed the wire perfectly. I went in again today for another small issue, and again he sat down with me and really took the time to look into my situation and listen to what was going on. The whole office is so welcoming and friendly, and I’m so grateful that I found an orthodontist like Dr. Berk who is so knowledgeable about his work and so accommodating...despite me not even being his official patient. Definitely my saving grace here in the city!
Janine D.
16:10 30 May 19
Very pleased with my experience at Gramercy Orthodontics. I called the practice out of the blue when a fixed retainer I've had for some 15 years or so broke off. They were able to make an appointment to fit me in for the next day.Dr Berk was super helpful and took care of my retainer and I was out of the office in less than a half hour. Dr. Berk laid out my options for future care clearly and answered all my questions. Really appreciated the fast, friendly and professional service. Would definitely recommend and come back!
Karan K.
21:32 24 Apr 19
I highly recommend Dr. Elaahi. My experience with Doctor Elaahi has been wonderful! He is very clear in his explanation of the process. He's quite accommodating, enthusiastic, and warm. I had some complications from surgery related to wisdom teeth removal and he was able to keep my plan on track. A few months in and I've seen my smile improve significantly already!
Krista E.
22:34 21 Mar 19
My experience at Gramercy Orthodontics was great, and I would highly recommend their services! A permanent retainer that I've had since a teen popped out a bit, and Dr. Berk was able to quickly assess the situation and glue it back into place. I was in and out of the office in no time. All of the team members that I encountered were all friendly and informative, and I felt comfortable the moment I entered their office. I plan on returning to Dr. Berk and the G.O. team for future orthodontic needs.
Lihi E.
01:26 12 Mar 19
Great experience! Dr. Berk was very friendly and very informative. High tech office!! They showed me right then and there what my teeth look like currently and what should be done. I'm super excited to get started with my Invisalign! Thank you Gramercy Orthodontics!
Dima G
01:24 12 Mar 19
This place is fantastic! Not only was everyone friendly and professional, but it has a great atmosphere. They are very accommodating to get me in with my busy work schedule!!! Gramercy Orthodontics is the best!!!
Emma L.
19:55 19 Jan 19
very kind and clean! happy with the service and with my new retainer woohoo
Natasha S.
14:07 17 Dec 18
I needed my permanent retainer glued back into place after it popped out. Gramercy Orthodontics was able to see me on the weekend, when I was back in town from business. Their office is in a convenient location and their hours are extremely accommodating. Gramercy Orthodontics was very professional and I trust their expert opinion.
00:28 12 Dec 18
Great dentist, friendly staff and a very professionally run modern office. I had a great experience here.
Lex B.
19:46 29 Nov 18
Everyone at this place is so kind, especially Dr. Berk. They are super fast, get you in and out, but you never feel rushed. I needed a hook for Invisalign replaced on my tooth after it snapped off, and they were able to get me into their schedule quickly, and help me out. One of the best ortho experiences I've had!
Emily J.
19:15 06 Oct 18
GUYS! If you aren't going to Gramercy Orthodontics you are at THE WRONG PLACE!!!! I went to get the wire fixed behind my upper teeth, and not only did Dr Berk do an amazing and efficient job, he was incredibly kind and friendly. In fact, the WHOLE TEAM was incredibly welcoming and the office was stunning and crystal clean! Will definitely be back here if i have any emergency orthodontic needs or even if I want to hang out with the fun, amazing team!
13:51 05 Oct 18
Gramercy Orthodontics is the BEST! After years with my dentist in my hometown, I came here with a permanent retainer question and it was one of the best dental experiences I’ve ever had. The staff is unbelievably lovely and answered every question, and the space is clean and airy. It couldn’t be in a more convenient location, and I left feeling incredibly informed. Don’t go anywhere else! I almost wish I still had braces so I could go back more frequently!
Zachary B.
21:56 04 Oct 18
Great experience! Made me feel comfortable and did an amazing Job.
Morgan B.
20:14 04 Oct 18
My permanent retainer broke while I was visiting from out of town, and I was worried I wouldn’t be able to eat comfortably. I stopped in, and they graciously removed the broken part and polished the area so that I would be comfortable until I am home. Thank you so much!
Sarah Delgadillo R.
11:27 18 Sep 18
Amazing orthodontist! Dr. Berk was so friendly, helpful, and clear about every step that he may have cured my fear of going to the dentist. He was very flexible with my tight schedule and managed to get my teeth straightened and perfect in time for my wedding. Huge thanks to Dr. Berk and Gramercy Orthodontics!
Steven K.
12:15 13 Sep 18
Great, quick experience.
Brittany R.
00:49 13 Sep 18
I visited Dr. Barry at Gramercy Orthodontics for my braces, in which they were pain free. Dr.Barry is extremely professional and very intelligent, his office is clean he makes you feel completely comfortable while your undergoing any procedures. I enjoyed my time here he’s also very informative he educated me prior to placing my braces on my teeth, also during the process. I highly recommend him for anything pertaining to Ortho work. My experience at Gramercy Orthodontics has been a GREATexperience! Sophia the office manager was also Amazing.
Skye Lee A.
00:47 13 Sep 18
I came to the office and met Dr. Barry Elaahi and the office manager Sophia. The office is very clean, good music, and friendly faces. The Dr. provided great information and answered any question I asked. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
Maribel F.
16:14 18 Aug 18
I absolutely love Gramercy Orthodontics! My twin 11 year old daughters got their braces back in October of 2017, and since then Dr. Barry and his staff have been wonderful. Each month he lets my daughters and me know how the process is coming along and when doing something different (other then tightening the braces) he tell us and also lets us know what to expect in the following days. Dr. Barry really puts my kids and me at ease and has made these 10 months seem a breeze. I recommend Gramercy Orthodontics to everyone!!! They are easy to communicate with and very understanding.
sanai J.
19:44 10 Aug 18
I just started my Invisalign treatment a few weeks ago and it’s been very easy for me. I was debating between braces and Invisalign and I am sure I’ve made the right choice. The staff and Dr. Berk have been incredibly helpful and I am so glad that they’ve helped me along my Invisalign journey!
Anthony S.
18:20 09 Aug 18
Very quick, convenient, and welcoming. No pain, polite staff
Celeste C.
15:23 10 Jul 18
Great orthodontists, super nice people. Started an invisalign regimen for me for my TMJ and it feels better!
Khayre A.
18:46 29 Jun 18
Gramercy Orthodontics has been been the best practice I've ever been to. I've wanted to get my teeth straightened for the longest time now, but I haven't found a practice that could fit in my schedule. As a student who frequently relocates, it's hard to find a place to fit your needs. And Dr. Jason Berk has really helped me with that. For example, I am usually in New York during the school year, but I am spending my summer in Maryland, and I am spending next Fall in the UK. Dr. Jason Berk still managed to fit my Invisalign schedule, with my hectic personal schedule, and no other practice does that. Not to mention he is really nice, and is willing to work around a patient's mistakes.
20:15 28 Jun 18
Came in for a quick visit from being out of town to fix my bracket on my braces. No fuss, no buss... everything was handled smooth and fast. The doc is very laid back and informative.
14:12 14 Jun 18
Gorgeous state-of-the-art, clean, modern, helpful, professional and friendly office! Welcoming environment and you can rely confidently on Dr. Berk! I’m a California transplant who’s lived in New York City for 10 years. I had braces as an adolescent and came in to have my teeth straightened after damaging my retainer as a young adult. I went through painstaking efforts for a solid two years researching different orthodontists around town and I’m really happy I chose Grammercy Orthodontics! I’m having invisalign treatment done here and I really love coming. Dr. Berk even gave me a great referral for having all four of my wisdom teeth taken out which I just had done during the course of invisalign treatment!
Janet A.
18:17 07 Jun 18
Dr. Berk graciously accommodated us on a Sunday when my daughter experienced a broken upper permanent retainer late that Friday. Being from out of town and a job starting on Monday, Dr. Berk took time out of his Sunday to remove the broken fixture and gave us several treatment options. He was friendly, very professional and I highly recommended Dr. Berk and Gramercy Orthodontics.
Valerie M.
23:09 31 May 18
Dr. Berk and the staff at Gramercy Orthodontics were amazing! I was able to get an appointment exactly when I needed and was in and out super fast. Dr. Berk’s bedside manners were some of the best I’ve experienced for any oral appointment I’ve ever had. I felt extremely welcomed and the service was excellent. It’s great knowing I have a reliable orthodontist right around the corner!
Simone S.
14:32 17 May 18
Office is really nice and clean! Got my bottom retrainer fixed and Dr Berk was really nice and finished quickly. Would recommend!
Simona G.
14:34 10 May 18
We love LOVE Dr. Berk! He is great with my 9 year old. She was skittish, but he was super nice, explained everything he was doing, and now she is comfortable with going to the orthodontist. The staff is really nice, and they make every effort to work with insurance companies.
Andrew Z.
16:09 03 May 18
I came to see Dr. Berk to get new retainers and it was a great experience. Dr. Berk and his staff are super friendly and helpful, and the office itself is very clean and modern.
Julia C.
20:34 12 Apr 18
My experience at Gramercy Orthodontics was great. The doctors and staff were nice and the service was quick. I was able to get an appointment right exactly when I needed it and everyone was very helpful. I would definitely recommend this place if you are in the area.
Martin E.
17:36 06 Apr 18
Super responsive and friendly staff. We are from out of town and got an immediate appointment. It was a real 5 star experience.
margaux F.
00:13 06 Apr 18
Seriously. Dr. Berk and his staff are the best dentists in New York that I have been to. I can’t offer a better NY dentist review. He explains everything, and treats you like a friend. I highly recommend him!
Evan G.
17:00 18 Mar 18
My son needed to have an emergency repair of his retainer and all of his work was done in Florida. He made an appointment to see Dr Berk and had great care. Dr Berk was not only nice and has great office staff but he did great work. It's nice to know that our son now has a good place in NYC to go for his care